Where Did I Go? – By Karen Smith, May 2011

Where did I go?

Just for a minute, I want to know

Set adrift on a sea of unknown

Surrounded by toys, no time alone…

Some times are good, some times bad

Days it comes together and days of going mad!

The smiles are worth it, of that I’m sure

The tears however, push me a little more..

Sometimes I feel like I’m watching through glass

Remembering the old me and adventures from the past

I know things will change soon enough

I worry that all I’ll remember is times that were tough

I scream sometimes and cry myself to sleep

For my little children can make me weep..

They bring me laughter too

So for this, I’ll keep on working through..

I lose myself in Heat and Hello! Magazine

But don’t worry, the kitchen’s clean

Dinner on the table and music groups done

Swimming lessons, softplay and all that fun!

Where did I go?

One day I know I will know..

Two lives formed with lives of their own..

Time for me at last! Now pass the phone…