Mum’s the Word is a writing group for mothers who want to write and who want to discover more about how to put ideas and experiences into words and see them in print. 
Mum’s the Word welcomes all mothers, especially those who always wanted to write but for whom, understandably, the role of parent has been so absorbing and duty-filled that writing has had to take a back seat. Well, now creative writing, storytelling, playing with words and making them work for you get proper attention and a seat at the front!   Come and join them!  Everyone welcome, even if you think yourself ‘a complete beginner’.
Mum’s the Word is a friendly and helpful group, with companionship and guidance.
Mum’s the Word likes to produce an annual collection of its members’ writing. It has presented these at the Swindon Festival of Literature.
Mum’s the Word meets monthly, sometimes more often, at 7.30pm, usually on a Tuesday, at Lower Shaw Farm. Next meetings are on 2nd September and 7th October
For further information contact Karen at or Matt at